RYBS - Read Your Bible Series

RYBS - Table of Contents

This is a set of blog posts that I wrote for my kids where I discuss some of the... interesting things you can find in the Bible.  Rather than tell you what it's supposed to mean, I review the words as they are written on the page.  If you need a reference, I normally quote verses from the NIV Bible for review.

Quick list of all the topics covered:

  1. Week One: A Hungry God
  2. Week Two: Stealing Heaven
  3. Week Three: Don't Tell Anyone Your Daughter is ALIVE!
  4. Week Four: Omnisciently Playing Favorites Part 1
  5. Week Five: Omnisciently Playing Favorites Part 2
  6. Week Six: A Loving Message for Fathers
  7. Week Seven: Catalog of Immaculate Practices and Procedures
  8. Week Eight: Hypocrisy
  9. Week Nine: Let's Talk About the Bears
  10. Week Ten: Abuse or Misuse?
  11. Week Eleven: God, Afraid?
  12. Week Twelve: A Divine Blunder
  13. Week Thirteen: The Abortion Curse
  14. Week Fourteen: Jacob and the Holy Smackdown
  15. Week Fifteen: Bridle Them With Guilt
  16. Week Sixteen: Which Two Tablets?

Remember, reading the Bible doesn't take seminary school, or a daily devotionals, or any special training for that matter.  Modern translations make it an easy, albeit arduous, task.  But remember this:  if you're going to use the Bible in one way or another, make certain you read it first!

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