Thursday, June 29, 2017

Folks, This Has to STOP

I am truly disgusted at the latest video from the NRA.  With the publication of this kind of violent rhetoric, this organization has officially shown that they are no longer advocates for gun owners, but for gun manufacturers.  Watch this, if you can stomach it:

"They... They... They..."  Did you notice that?  "Their schools...  Their movie stars...  Their ex-president."

That type of language is pure propaganda designed to enflame an, "Us against them!" mentality.  And the NRA knows it.  It's no longer acceptable to just have a disagreement over how our country should be governed.  This organization now casts liberals as an enemy that needs to be fought with a, "clenched fist of truth."

Truth?  There is no truth in a video that is filled with dimwitted hyperbole without an ounce of real evidence.  And it doesn't take a genius to know that you mean a gun, you NRA assholes.

Casting fellow countrymen as enemies is dangerous, folks.  And it's sick to boot.  We are ALL Americans.  Not just the ones that have an (R) after their name; not just the ones that are Christians; not just the ones that are white; and not just the ones that are happy about the last election.  As if a peaceful march is a crime.  As if a peaceful protest is illegal.  As if calling out racism, or sexism, or xenophobia is wrong.  With this anti-democracy abomination of a video, this organization goes against everything that our great experiment represents.  Besides, the NRA categorically does NOT get to define who we are.

Oh I'm sure their lawyers will argue that they never advocated directly for violence.  And I'm also quite sure there are already people justifying this crap by suggesting that this is a message to the "far-left", not all liberals.  Whatever that means.  And as sad as I am to have to admit to this, I've even heard this kind of anti-liberal/liberals are the enemy stance from my own family.

I beg anyone who has a membership to this organization to cancel it, NOW.  Cancel it before their greed and corruption send our beloved country spiraling into another civil war.

Who knows?  That's likely what they want.

More gun sales, you know.

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