Sunday, March 12, 2017

The TSA Has Us Fearing Our Own Children

Normally I shy away from profanity as much has possible on my blog, but this subject has me boiling over to the point where I can no longer contain my disgust.

As always, you've been warned...

Recently while traveling with my family, I was absolutely disgusted to learn that the TSA now has the power to subject teens as early as 13 years-old to the full body scan.

That's right parents - your 13 year-old girl or boy gets the full, "I can see your tits and the size of your flaccid cock" body scan.

Normally I try to stay as calm and cooperative as possible during this monumental breach of my personal liberties, supposed constitutional rights, and basic human dignity.  But when I saw how dismissively the autocratic TSA agent ordered my 14 year-old teenage boy through the full body scanner, I simply couldn't hold my tongue.  I made it a point to say, "Well, that's completely disgusting." And while pointing at my poor son assuming the position in the scanner, I asked, "Doesn't that qualify as pedophilia?"

It was the moment I noticed how easy it was for the TSA rent-a-cop agents to ignore me when I knew my country had gone completely insane.  So insane, that I question whether these people are actually my countrymen.

How is it that collectively our society has become so afraid of each other?  I'm literally dumbfounded.  How is it that we have become so afraid of some anonymous brown bogeyman with an oddly shaped hat that we're willing to accept a government sponsored administration that is recklessly performing acts that would get any other ordinary citizen convicted of pedophilia?

You think I'm being overdramatic?  Well, then let's take a moment and review a couple of hypothetical scenarios.

Let's say there's some guy, maybe a pastor in Mississippi, Alabama, or Arkansas, who has placed cameras in the church's bathrooms to take photographs of his constituent's daughters while they are using the restroom.  Would you be offended?

How about this.  Let's say there's an idiot walking around malls with a mirror attached to the top of his shoe where he can take pictures of 13 year-old boy's junk while he's using a urinal in the restroom.  Would THAT make you angry?

I hope so!  Because a judge would happily throw the book at both of those hypothetical asshats.

But this, ladies and gentlemen, is essentially your Transportation Security Administration.  This government funded administration is legally allowed to take pictures of your kid's junk on a daily basis.  And thus far, not one Senator or Representative in the House has argued against these new predatory, "regulations".

To put it simply, we are at the mercy of a complicit, recklessly abusive, over-reaching, predatory state.

Hell, maybe all these raunchy out-of-work pastors and horny youth ministers that we see getting arrested on a weekly basis can land a job at the TSA rather than risk the considerable investment of grooming their unsuspecting (and completely innocent) victims.  Think about it, these assholes can get everything their twisted brain desires.  And they get the added bonus of the gleeful consent, or "blessing" if you will, of their remarkably gullible, yet pretentiously principled parents, who are perfectly willing to allow completely nude images to be taken of their teenage children.

I mean, statistically speaking a child in the United States is more likely to be molested or raped by a family member or by a priest, pastor, or some form of religious leader.

That is, until now.

Leave it to the US Government to offer twisted fucks like these people the authority to sexually abuse hundreds, even thousands, of children every day!

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