Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Thank You, Emma

If you haven't heard or read already, a few days ago Emma Watson gave an inspirational speech on feminism at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

The text of the speech can be found here, and here's the video care of the HeForShe channel on Youtube:

I am so proud of her for her courage to deliver that speech at such an enormous venue.  Bravo, young lady!  Bravo!

In case you're wondering, she has accepted the role of the UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador and has just started her HeForShe Campaign.  This campaign focuses on educating men that gender equality is not just a struggle to be led and fought by women.  Equality is everyone's right, not just the ones who just happen to have an X and a Y chromosome.

Also, one of the many goals of the HeForShe Campaign is to rid the world of the stigma of men considering themselves to be feminist.  I love that someone is finally addressing this issue.  Because if you haven't heard, YES, I am a staunch feminist!  For years I have wondered why some men refuse to stand behind their wives, daughters, mothers, or sisters and fight for their equality.  It's only in their best interests to do so!

Now repeat after me - feminism does not, nor has it ever been, anti-men.  On the contrary, feminism requires men.  For without men speaking out for the equality of the women in their lives, then those that do discriminate will someday find something about you that will give them the excuse to strip away your freedoms as well.

So thank you, Emma.  It's long past time that men stand together with all of the women in our lives, and move our world beyond this primitive, paternalistic madness left over from our sectarian and superstitious ancestors.