Wednesday, July 23, 2014

You're a FEMINIST?

Thanks to an old friend, I just saw the perfect button to pin to my collar.  (Notice I didn't say AGED friend, in case anyone decides to call me out for calling her "old".)  The button read, "I am the liberal, pro-choice, outspoken feminist you were warned about."

YES!  I LOVE THIS!  WOOT WOOT!  Where can I get me one of those beautiful buttons, I say?

And therein lies my problem...  Every online store that I found that's selling this button/t-shirt/etc., is advertising their merchandise using only women for the models.  So of course my first question was, what about us feminist men, dangit?!?

You read that right.  I am a proud feminist.

Let's take a step back.  For those of you that haven't heard yet, I encounter certain situations in my life, just here and there mind you, where I tend to speak my mind.  That's correct - I don't generally hold my tongue when the situation necessitates a sincere, candid, albeit witty response.  Anti-feminism, in general, is one of the topics that, for me, triggers an immediate and very vocal response.  I simply can't help myself; I want the same rights for my daughter and my wife that my son and I enjoy simply by being born with a Y chromosome.

Okay, wait... I will admit that the whole, "here and there" thing was a lie and probably made several people reading this spit their drink all over their display.  Those that did, you have my most sincere apologies for the mess...

But back to my original thought.  As a man who's also a staunch feminist, I was a bit shocked by the lack of male representation in these pictures.  I mean, let's think about what the advertisers are doing to themselves.  By showing only women wearing these buttons and t-shirts, they are subconsciously delivering a message that runs counter to the message on the button!  We feminists need to make sure that both men AND women are included in this movement, and care needs to be taken to advertise as such.  By displaying only women in their product photos, they are inadvertently isolating the men that stand resolute for all women's rights.

One last thing here before I go.  I'll post a list of a few things that men (and some women) need to remember if we're to build a better life for our children and grandchildren:

  • Stereotypes don't belong in our society, so stop it with the, "Women have their place," crap.  Women don't have a place any more than men do.
  • Sexist jokes are not funny - that goes for both men AND women, but especially to men who keep telling idiotic jokes about nonexistent, one-dimensional women.  It's not funny.  Stop it.  NOW.
  • Even today, the rights that women do have are currently under direct attack by a very small group of people in our country.  All of you women and feminist men please do our future generations a favor and VOTE.
  • If you have children, raise them with strength, dignity, and belief in themselves - regardless of the child's sex.  Daughters can succeed in math.  Sons can succeed in English.
  • If you're a teacher, and you honestly believe boys are better at math and science and girls are better at English and home economics, then please, do the future generations of students a favor and retire.  (See above.)

So there you go.  If you're a man and not a feminist then you should be.  And shame on you if you think otherwise, because your mother or sister or daughter - whatever the case may be - deserves to be treated as an equal.  Period.

Now I need to go order myself a button.


  1. Period. Now that's something that I wish was equal in the eyes of nature.

    But, I digress

    Obviously, that company is in it for the money. Otherwise, there would be equal representation.

    I suggest making your own button or shirt. Iron on transfers are easy! Also, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. Also, the money focused company won't get your money.