Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Cruelty of "Reparative Therapy"

Sometimes a local news story disturbs me to such an extent that I have a very difficult time trying to get my thoughts together and write something without lashing out with a carpet bomb of profanity.

If you didn't know already, the Texas GOP recently advocated for something that has miserably failed since before the time of Sigmund Freud.  We used to call it, "Conversion Therapy."  But since that term has been demonized, we have now the catchy new name: "Reparative Therapy."

Well, last night the CBS affiliate in Dallas, KTVT, ran a segment where they took, "a closer look at reparative therapy."

David Pickup, a licensed marriage and family therapist, is the Texas GOP's (a.k.a. Tea Party's) expert on the subject.  You see, he never considered himself gay but used to entertain homosexual "feelings" because he was sexually assaulted as a child.  He asserts that the assault caused his confusion and the therapy helped him to discover who he really was.

It should be noted that I could not find his credentials on his website other than a statement saying he was licensed.  So if he claims to be licensed, I'll have to take his word for it.

I think it's tragic what happened to Mr. Pickup when he was a child.  It sounds absolutely horrific and I truly wish that there was some kind of omnipotent being out there that could give us a hand protecting the innocence of little ones from the atrocities of sexual predators.  If only...

But here's the point that all of these GOP fools and Mr. Pickup are missing - they are admitting that there has to be some kind of experience, some kind of event that would make them all gay.  That's right all you Stetson wearing, gun carrying, GOP voting cowboys - Mr. Pickup thinks that you're all just one experience away from Brokeback Mountain.

Furthermore, if his view is correct, then the converse must also be correct.  In other words, if tragic experiences equals homosexual "confusion", then good experiences equal heterosexual identity.  I would love to ask Mr. Pickup what specific experiences contribute to my heterosexuality?   And as a scientist, I deserve to know the empirical evidence - not anecdotal - that I can find in my own life that made me straight.  But then, what about people that have been sexually assaulted and still identify as heterosexual?  Or how is it that some people that have never been sexually assaulted, that have never been raped, and that have never been molested identify as being gay?

From the interview with Mr. Pickup:
"There’s an automatic – this is what a lot of people don’t realize – there’s an automatic, spontaneous lessening or dissipation of homoerotic feeling toward men after therapy."
What the hell does that even mean?  Sounds to me like he's saying that he still has feelings for men, but now there's a, "lessening" or a, "dissipation" of the burning in his loins.  I think there's something obvious that Mr. Pickup is missing here.  What he just said fits the definition of lust, plain and simple.  Lust hits quickly and fades as your mind moves on.  And the fact that Mr. Pickup doesn't recognize that is the main reason why I pity him - he hates himself so much that he cannot be comfortable in his own skin.

Reparative therapy...

I detest that filthy term for the same reason I hate the term, "born sinners".  It's hateful and immoral to convince people that somehow they are broken, especially children and young adults.  And isn't it always convenient that the ones that claim there are "broken" people are ever so eager to sell them the cure to their problems?  At a discount price, of course.

Look, the LGBT community just wants to be happy, to love another person, and to stop being discriminated against.  The LGBT community is not broken.  The LGBT community deserves the same rights as everyone else.

Repeat after me - If you do not want gay marriage for yourself, THEN DO NOT GET GAY MARRIED.  And leave everyone else alone because it's none of your damn business who people fall in love with.

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