Saturday, May 24, 2014

Child Tortured and Beaten by Parents

This story out of Oklahoma just reinforces why I stay outspoken about religion.

I just read that a couple from El Reno, Oklahoma locked their 6-year-old in a closet and beat him because they claim that he was possessed by a demon.


Whether they truly believe that a demon has possessed their child or not doesn't matter at all in this case.  Why?

Consider this...  If these two sorry excuses for parents actually believe what they claim, then religion is at fault because it continues to teach people that evil spirits are real.  If they don't believe in demons, then religion is STILL at fault because it has provided the outlet in our society for sick and twisted individuals like this to commit atrocity.


  1. Srsly!

    Aren't they supposed to call on their deity to release their child from it's evil bond?

    'exercise the demons' ... Pea soup... Head spinny... Etc...

    In repayment for their sacrifices.
    (no new sacrifices apply. offer void in Canada)

    1. You would think that these people would do that! Seems to me that their god would be the only being powerful enough to combat these demons. But then again, we're trying to use rational thought. ;)