Thursday, August 15, 2013

Unclean beast! Get thee down!

*** PLEASE NOTE: This is not The Onion ***

Some things are just so ludicrous, they stand on their own merit and do not require any commentary whatsoever.  I give you, Creation Today:

That's right, dragons were real because if they weren't, well then god just compared our adversary to a make-believe creature that never existed.  He said it, not me.

This is just so stupid that I have absolutely nothing to add.  Heck, I'll just add one of my favorite lines from Dragonslayer:
"...if it weren't for sorcerers, there wouldn't be any dragons. Once, the skies were dotted with them. Magnificent horned backs, leathern wings... soaring... and their hot-breathed wind. Oh, I know this creature of yours... Vermithrax Pejorative. Look at these scales, these ridges. When a dragon gets this old, it knows nothing but pain, constant pain. It grows decrepit... crippled... pitiful. Spiteful!"
I take that back, I think this video seems appropriate, too:

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