Friday, July 5, 2013

If God Really Wrote the Ten Commandments...

I had a thought the other day, what if the Bible had actually been written by a god - what would it look like?  More specifically, what if a god actually had handed down ten rules/commandments that we were all supposed to follow?  What would those rules say?  What would they look like?

Oh, and I'm hoping to get a little audience participation on this post, so anyone reading this is welcome to add/subtract from my list by commenting below.

First Disclaimer: For those skeptics out there, remember to skip the obvious objection that there is no god.  Also, think about what a hypothetical god would have likely written 3500+ years ago had it concluded that 1) its creation was starting to get out of hand and 2) these people's attention span was far too short for a list of fifty items and thus, it had to limit itself to a measly ten rules.  Also assume that people will still be able to break these rules - as holds true for the current ten biblical commandments - which means we'll have to assume a deistic god in the sense that this god can create a universe, it just cannot intervene.

Second Disclaimer: For the religiously inclined out there, remember that this is just an exercise and you do not need to post the original ten commandments.  We've read them.

My list is below.  Of course, a couple from the biblical list are included here for obvious reasons:
  1. Do NOT kill fellow human beings.
  2. Do NOT rape fellow human beings.
  3. Do NOT steal from fellow human beings.
  4. Do NOT commit another human being to slavery.
  5. Do NOT ignore the sick or the hungry; make certain to share what I provide for you.
  6. Do NOT discriminate against your fellow human beings; whether by sex, color, group, intelligence, or anything else. Embrace the differences I have created for you.
  7. Do NOT fear one another.
  8. Resolve disagreements with compromise.
  9. Educate yourselves so long as you live.
  10. Wash yourselves, especially your hands. (A simple recipe for soap as well as a simple recipe for antibiotics follows this list.)
There's my ten.  I look forward to seeing any ideas for a better list.  Let the editing begin!

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