Friday, May 18, 2012

Like It or Not, We ARE Related

There appears to be yet another absolutely ignorant and outright dishonest claim making its way around the Creationist circle-jerk on Facebook; all wrapped in an easily understood one-liner that gets all of them into a frothy delirium.  Seriously, if it's made it to my news feed, then I know it must be making the rounds everywhere else:

We Are Not Related

First of all, not only are we related to other apes, it goes much, much deeper than that.  We are apes!!!  I cannot stress this enough!  I am not going to flood this post with the mountain of information that science has collected covering the evolution of human beings, nor will I post the massive amount of evidence to show exactly how very close our genetic relationship is to other apes - especially chimpanzees.  (We are the most studied animal on the planet!)  I won't do that because first of all, other people have already done that far better than I could and second, anyone that cares to know how wrong this picture is can do a simple search and find some answers.  Even so...


Look, it doesn't matter how uncomfortable the genetic "family tree" of our species makes you or your fellow religious fanatics, you just simply can't say or write something to make this fact go away.  Surely you realize you have to back up your claim with some evidence, not hide behind a stupid, one-line caricature.

So, after I calmed down and stopped yelling at the LCD on my laptop, I had to know where this brainless thing originated.  I decided to ask Dr. Google, and I stumbled upon this t-shirt:

Stop Following Me

I suppose this shouldn't surprise me.  I should have already guessed that these bonehead Creationists can't make up their own jokes.  At least the original actually is funny, and sure as hell isn't making some moronic and completely asinine claim about Evolution.

Now comes the truly sad part of this story.  The person that so happily shared that silly picture on Facebook is... a schoolteacher.

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