Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Impermeable Cocoon of Denial: Don McLeroy

Last night on the Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert interviewed Don McLeroy, the former Chairman of the Texas Board of Education.  Following standard procedure for his show, Mr. Colbert used his unique interviewing skills of ridicule and courtesy to make it appear he agreed with McLeroy:

Listening to this fool is like nails on a chalk board for me.  Seriously.

So, McLeroy disagrees with experts.  Based on what?  Your world renowned curriculum vitae in the field of DENTISTRY?

And are people supposed to be impressed by his proclamation that he's going to stand up to the experts?  As I've said to others, this is not the 14th century, Mr. McLeroy.  Our society has scientifically verifiable evidence at our disposal; which means you are more than welcome to take it upon yourself to prove these facts (or theories) wrong.

I suppose he fancies himself a scientist with some real clout.  He states, "Frankly, if you look at the complexity of the cell... I'm a skeptic."  Whoa, slow down... Those are some real sciencey words, my good man.  Plus, I know I'm blushing here, but you had me at, "yes," when Colbert asked you about your, "scientific" opinion that dinosaurs and humans walked the Earth together.  They got them tracks in Glen Rose!  YEEHAW!!!

In all seriousness, statements like these from McLeroy point to a very deluded and dangerous mind that has been twisted into an impermeable cocoon of denial.  I've seen this in a couple of pastors that I know.  They were men of science, yet they tuck this little box in the back of their minds where they will not allow their faith to be questioned by science, reason, or evidence.  To these religious leaders, and McLeroy, it's the Bible or nothing.  Inflexibility like this has the potential to be very, very dangerous - especially to kids.

And what about this:
"Nothing is what a sleeping rock dreams of."
Huh?  I don't even know where to begin...  I suppose he's referring to Plato's definition of nothing as, "That which rocks dream about."  But the idiot couldn't even get THAT right.  Anyway, I've heard some corny religious opinions in my day, but this guy with his sleeping rock strawman wins the dumbass of the year award, hands down.

While we're poking fun at McLeroy, let's not forget his legacy and what the school board under his chairmanship did to our students, and our curriculum.  From an article in the Dallas Morning News:
"A majority of Texas high school graduates who took the ACT this year lacked the skills to pass introductory college courses in math, reading and science, according to a report on the college entrance exam..."
That's the kind of statistic that should be sending this fool back to his periodontal probes and dental burs.

Now to my last point.  If those who believe in creationism ever read this, there is but one thing I hope you take away from this post.  The word you guys are looking for is not Evolution, it is Abiogenesis.  The scientific evidence for the Theory of Evolution is so overwhelming that it is likely the most understood scientific theory in the modern age.  Abiogenesis on the other hand, has several possible models that range anywhere from the "primordial soup" theory, to the deep sea vent theory, to the clay theory...  You get the idea.  So, to be perfectly honest, we simply do not know the answer to the question of abiogenesis - YET.  If that's where you want to hide your god, so be it.

But please creationists, I beg you.  Make sure you know which scientific gap you're trying to squeeze your ever shrinking god into so that rational people won't have to hear the same, tired, nonsensical, and refuted arguments over and over.  Deal?

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