Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Weather with Pat Robertson

Brian Tashman with the Right Wing Watch website discovered a very recent episode of the 700 Club where Pat Robertson gave us some very interesting insights into the thoughts and intentions of the baby Jesus.  It never ceases to amaze me that he has such an intimate connection with his Lord and Savior.  Anyway, this time Robertson addresses a question posed to him by a viewer regarding the horrible outbreak of tornadoes that occurred on May 2nd and 3rd over 11 different states.  After watching it, I'm left speechless.

Here's the video:

I take that back, I can't be speechless when Robertson is the subject.  

Did anyone else notice that?  Robertson actually started lecturing his audience with a bit of layman's meteorological science while he attempted to refute the claim that his god would send (or cause) tornadoes.  It's uncanny - Robertson actually used science!  Scandalous!  In an attempt to excuse his god from blame, Robertson retreated to a middle school student's knowledge of the physical sciences to absolve the almighty.  And it's not just that, while defending the innocence of the baby Jesus, Robertson essentially stripped his god of the power of weather and redirected that power to the chaos of seasonal weather patterns.  You see, Pat Robertson's god would never kill people by way of natural disasters, because that's just not his god's area of expertise...

Yes, he went on to blame people for having the gall to build a house where any natural disaster would occur.  And yes, if one were to try to find a spit of land where mother nature could NOT find a way to kill you and several people with you, you'd be hard pressed to locate anywhere above water.  (Even below water, mother nature is the definition of perfect when it comes to killing the living.)  Okay, sure, less than 100 years ago, we knew very little about the weather, much less what conditions lead to the formation of tornadoes.  And sure, Pat Robertson the 1920's "weatherman" would actually have been able to get away with saying that this outbreak of tornadoes was indeed an act of god.  Still, how could Robertson resort to using SCIENCE to defend the baby Jesus?  Has he lost his edge?

I won't even get into the secondary issue of how one human being can have such a clear interpretation of what his god does and does not do, or what his god is thinking or not thinking, because that's just too easy.  Plus, I'm quite sure someone else has covered that already.  

No, my question for Pat Robertson is simple.  As you explained to your audience the nature of, well... nature, you resorted to using all that sciencey crap they teach in public school.  Honestly, Pat.  How could you?

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