Monday, March 12, 2012

The GOP Bubble of Belief (and Faith)

I'm at the end of my feminist rope with this baloney...

Yesterday in the Dallas Morning News, Steve Blow wrote a very enlightening article where he explained that Governor Rick Perry, along with the GOP dominated Texas State Legislature, have devoted themselves to closing women's health clinics across the state.  Blow explains:
"Gov. Rick Perry and the Republican-dominated Texas Legislature would reject $35 million in federal money and close women’s health clinics across the state rather than see Planned Parenthood get a dime."
Blind party allegiance has finally trickled into the outright absurd.  Since I've been paying attention to politics, I don't believe that I've ever seen this kind of unchecked disinformation drive a political party.  Seriously, it doesn't matter if what a given Republican says is true; it only matters that other Republicans repeat it.

Mr. Blow even takes the professional and responsible approach, and a great portion of his article, to remind his readers that the federal money was NEVER used for abortions, that Planned Parenthood operates 51 different clinics within the state - none of which perform abortions, and that these clinics serve over 130,000 Texas women enrolled in the Medicaid Women’s Health Program.  He even suggests that the Texas Legislature has completely lost compassion and financial sanity.

I think he's just being polite.

Over the past two years, a renewed effort has been made by the contemporary members of the GOP to declare an outright war against women's rights.  And yes, one of those rights is abortion.  But refusing $35 million dollars in federal aid has nothing whatsoever to do with abortion!  I'd say this tactic by the Texas GOP is nothing more than a pathetic, juvenile means of punishing any women's clinic associated with Planned Parenthood.  But I'm not nearly as polite as Mr. Blow.

The current fools of the Texas GOP won't even bother to truly inform their constituents either, since most of the staunchly Republican voters will believe just about anything that cycles through the right-wing echo chamber.  If Shawn Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and Rush Limbaugh each say the moon is made of cream cheese, then you can bet your ass that 95% of the Republican voters will soon be making mindless, depraved jokes about moon-rock Democrats and Liberals.

Honestly, the current political environment of the right-wing has slipped from the position of governing into the realm of the staunchly religious.  This party has adapted their politics to model the institution that, to this day, continues to profit on the biggest lie ever sold.  The church.  It's a devilishly perfect fit.  The GOP has successfully convinced people to live in a bubble of faith and belief.  What better way to keep people voting against their own best interests?

Bill Maher put it best - you simply can't get through the religious conservative bubble because, " least half the country doesn't believe in reality."

I'm just hoping the next generation of women begin the next movement for sanity in politics - because it's high time your voices weren't drowned out by screaming old white men.

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