Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tweeting With a Man of the Cloth

I had an extremely interesting and rather amusing exchange with someone on Twitter over the past 24 hours.  What made this twitter exchange so interesting to me was not the subject matter.  Instead, it the person to which I spoke.

I had my first rousing, written exchange with a bona fide Catholic Priest.  Yup.

The point of contention between the two of us was the recent announcement that religious institutions were not exempt from the new healthcare law, and must provide the contraceptive and sterilization benefit to female employees who want it.  Father Daniel began simply with this:

I tried to remind him, using the restrictive 140 character maximum of Twitter, that Father Daniel's argument is moot since the money from his insurance policy isn't isolated.  In fact, in the grand scheme of things his and his religious institution's money has already been used to cover other women for birth control and sterilizations due to the nature of insurance companies.

Father Daniel agreed, but wanted to get back to the subject at hand: covering those heathen women with their immoral and perverted reproductive rights.  So, our conversation moved quickly from money to the contraceptive called, "Ella" which he referred to as an abortifacient.  Look it up, he's dead wrong.  And of course, I did my absolute best to correct his misunderstanding of the drug by providing several links to refute his arguments, including proof that Ella has never been proven to be an abortifacient.  This, regrettable, fell on deaf ears.

He remained steadfast and consistent, maintaining the idea that he (and his church, I presume) does not want the funds he pays for his insurance premium to be going for birth control, sterilizations, and of course, certain medications he and his church have deemed as abortion pills.  His consistency faltered when he then began to insist that an embryo that has not yet attached to the uterine wall was, according to his church, considered abortion:

Now to me, this is just complete madness.  By definition, in order to abort something, it has to begin that something in order for it to be stopped by something else.  Thus, preventing implantation of an embryo cannot be considered abortion.  But the Catholic Church and my new Priest Twitter bud can't be deterred, they move the goal posts and contend that abortion can happen even before a pregnancy begins!  Once I reached this point with Father Daniel, I realized the deranged mentality of the person I was dealing with, and the unadulterated futility of my efforts.

Thus, I bid Father Daniel farewell by telling him I was done, and gave him two reasons why I could no longer oblige his tweets.  First, I said, he and his Church want to classify everything as abortion - and that is a very slippery slope.  Second, he and his Church want complete control over women's reproductive rights and do not want anyone to be able to have sex for fun.

Now, here's my absolute favorite part of the whole thing - and be warned - you shouldn't have any liquid in your mouth when you read this:

Right from the mouth of a man who is supposed to be celibate - sex for fun is not good.  Well, I for one, respectfully disagree.

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