Monday, February 27, 2012

Tragically Teen

The gun control debate has just entered the political discourse again, as another young man has decided to solve his problems by taking a pistol to high school and kill other teenagers.  This time the tragedy occurred in Ohio, and this time there are four injuries and one death.  Update: Now there are three injuries, and two deaths.  My thoughts are with the two families of the children who were murdered...

People have already begun to blame anything from his "gothic" dress to his parents lack of involvement.  (As if anyone knows anything about this boy's parents.)  I've read he was bullied.  I've read he was an outcast.  I've even read a report that he actually told another student that he was bringing a gun to school.  No real surprises there, right?  All of these stories and judgments are quick and easy.  And our society just loves quick and easy, because I know a lot of people that need to believe that there has to be something wrong with those damn "goth" kids.

And like clockwork, the media runs with quick and easy.

The real tragedy here is what most people are missing - any person that thinks that killing other human beings is the only solution to their problems has a serious mental disability that by now should be able to be diagnosed.  It doesn't matter what age that person happens to be, what that person chooses to wear, or what music that person chooses to listen to.  What really matters is that our society hasn't bothered to take the time to actually study the brain of these madmen so that we can learn what symptoms we should look for in fledgling killers.  We won't acknowledge the fact that our brains are just organs.  We refuse to recognize that we really don't understand a healthy brain, much less understand an organ that doesn't function correctly.  No, our society's solution to this kind of "random" atrocity is usually one of two scenarios: to lock them up and hope that the prison system takes care of them - and by "take care" I mean brutally beating them on a daily basis, or to satisfy the public vengeance immediately by putting them to death.  (Hopefully you noticed the quotes around random.  I don't believe for a second that these events are ever random.)

And speaking of mental disabilities, I'm really anxious to hear from those that still fight for gun rights.  Inevitably, someone will suggest that if everyone is armed, this sort of thing would never have happened.  As if a group of immature teens with loaded pistols wouldn't escalate to a gunfight; as if none of these stressed out, gun wielding adolescents would pull the trigger; and as if none of those ricocheting bullets flying about would find a home in any of the vital organs of the those doing the shooting.

No, there's absolutely no way any of that would happen because everyone has guns...

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