Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Atheist Billboard in Colorado

Most of the time I don't write about a sliver of local news that's already been covered by other bloggers, but while I was reading through my blogroll, there was one that immediately caught my interest.  It was a really good piece by Hemant Mehta of The Friendly Atheist, who wrote about a new atheist billboard going up in Colorado.  I like this billboard because it's direct and up in your face with its message: "God is an imaginary friend".  Here's a picture:

The reason I've suddenly taken an interest in the state of Colorado, and more importantly Denver, is that I had a run-in with the lead pastor of the Rangeview Church in Thornton, Colorado just a few months ago.  (Thornton is a suburb located just North of Denver.)  And let me tell you, that conversation was extremely enlightening.  If there are hordes of people like Scott Cheatham, I can only imagine the uprising that's likely to follow these billboards.

Okay, yes...  I'll admit that I get a little giggly when I think about my man Scott getting all hot under the collar when he sees one of the two billboards in Denver.  And yes, I'm REALLY hoping he drives by one.

So, I just wanted to take a couple of minutes and say, Nice work Boulder Atheists!!!  The thought of Cheatham seeing one of those billboards has made that bizarre conversation with him worth every word!

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