Thursday, January 12, 2012

Idiots and Thugs

Various members of my family have very recently asked me why I have started blogging, and in particular, why my blog is primarily focused on religion.  More importantly to them, of course, is why I have become so outspoken against religion.  In thinking about how to respond, it just so happened that two excellent examples fell into my lap today.

First, there's this article by Washington Post writer Jay Mathews.  After he backhandedly endorses Rick Santorum (don't giggle), he goes on to suggest that high school science classes should be encouraging, "a discussion of alternatives to evolutionary theory."  His words, not mine.

That's correct, folks.  Alternatives.  I don't know if you realize this, Mr. Mathews, but there were alternative hypotheses to Darwin's grand idea.  And each of these has been summarily refuted over the 150 YEARS since the publication of, "On the Origin of Species".  So there's that...

But just so we're clear: this man says that he wants high school students to do what past biologists, who dedicated their entire careers to a particular field of study, failed to do since 1859.  He wants relatively young students at the beginning of their academic awakening to debate the  the vast amount of evidence for the Theory of Evolution.  Tell me, Mr. Mathews, should these students also tackle the Theory of Gravity, Germ Theory, and Quantum Theory as well?  Besides, how does one falsify the hypothesis that, "We don't know, therefore god did it?"  And how does one experiment upon the scientific validity of throwing up your hands and quitting?

Mathews goes on:
"Teaching all sides of the evolution issue is supported in opinion polls. But those against it feel more strongly. When I suggested in 2005 that high school biology teaching would be improved by allowing students to debate Darwinism vs. the intelligent design theory, I received more than 400 e-mails. Seventy percent of them said I was an idiot. Many added that I was a dangerous idiot."
First of all, it's not "Darwinism" and I believe that he knows full well that in most cases this is meant as a derogatory term.  And second, there's no such thing as, "intelligent design theory" in the realm of scientific terminology.  But then again, if Mathews wasn't so bored as he claims to have been in his science class, he would already know that.

So yes, Mr. Mathews.  Like so many emails told you before, you're an idiot.  A very dangerous idiot that doesn't even have the decency or maturity to educate himself.  Shame on you.  You're an embarrassment to the achievements of humanity.

*** UPDATE:  Right wing politicians in Missouri have introduced a bill to force science teachers to cover "intelligent design".

Now, on to my second reason.  A high school student by the name of of Jessica Ahlquist recently won a lawsuit against the Cranston High School West in Rhode Island.  If you haven't heard the story, the school auditorium has a prayer mural on display that is most assuredly a Christian prayer.  Jessica stood up for our Constitution - at the ripe young age of 15 - by suing the school to have the mural removed... and won.

If you want examples of Christian ethics, morality, love and tolerance, try reading the comments in the article I linked above.  The comments left by the religious people are heinous and barbaric - not to mention point to a tendency toward anti-social behavior.  And if you really want to delve into the instability of a brainwashed mind, try reading her twitter feed (@jessicaahlquist).  It's disgusting.  This is a teenage girl that had the courage to stand up for the Constitution of the United States, yet adults all over the U.S. find no problem in threatening her with message after message of despicable violence.

*** UPDATE:  Here's another blog that has captured several screenshots of these people in action.

So, why have I decided to get myself involved?  Quite simply, the reason I've joined the movement is because if we don't speak up in opposition to religious movements like these, then the fundamentalists that support them will someday change the law to do what's traditional and popular, not what's right.

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