Monday, January 9, 2012

Exploiting Death: Fanatics Cut From the Same Cloth

The Texas Freedom Network bought up a very good point on their website about a particular modus operandi used by a good number of conservatives and/or fundamentalists.  There are a multitude of examples of these types of people; those who have absolutely no shame in exploiting a family's tragedy - in particular the death of a child/teen - in order to push a particular political or religious agenda.

The Texas Freedom Network found the latest example of this type of behavior in Peggy Venable, who is the director of the Texas branch of the Americans for Prosperity (as noted on the TFN site, this organization is funded by the Koch Brothers).

Here's a screenshot of the tweet:

Just to be clear, Ms. Venable wishes the state of Texas to adopt "school choice" (another term for school vouchers) because someone's son was shot and killed by police officers in the halls of a public school.  She recognized a morbid opportunity to advertise her group's advocacy of taking billions of dollars of taxpayer money from public schools to subsidize tuition at private and religious schools in Texas - as if these two issues were even remotely related!

Are you disgusted yet?  You should be.  This woman doesn't even so much as blink as she exploits the horrific death of a 14 year-old child.

I think we've all seen this before, though.  One recent example is here, where an entire church congregation centers their whole year on exploiting teens with scenes of grisly deaths.  Then this guy, who couldn't answer a simple question about the morality of using imaginary production numbers as a recruiting instrument, without instinctively retreating to examples of young people he knew personally that had died painful deaths.

I'm holding out hope that someday in the not too distant future, the kind of cold, manipulative thinking like Ms. Venable will demand a psychiatric diagnosis and a subsequent prescription.

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