Sunday, January 22, 2012

Abusive VA Nurse Forced To Retire

First, let me take a moment to gloat and say, "I told you so!"

Many of you know that I have an "insider" at the VA that lets me know when something newsworthy happens. Last Friday I heard through the grapevine that Lincy Pandithurai sent out an email to the staff in the VA Mental Health Services division that she would be retiring, and January 20th would be her last day.

Frankly, I was tickled to hear this news, because in my pessimism I suspected the hospital's investigation might drag on for months.  To my surprise it didn't, and the VA made an example out of Pandithurai by giving her the opportunity to retire rather than outright firing her.  No matter what though, we can be assured that she would no longer be an employee of the federal government.  And if anyone deserved to lose her job, it was Ms. Pandithurai.

Your retirement couldn't come soon enough if your idea of treatment for depression is telling a Marine that the reason for her condition is that:
"... you feel the darkness surrounding you, and you feel guilty about being a homosexual and living in sin."
Seriously, "darkness"???  Is this woman treating a mental patient with diagnosis of, "dark spirits"?  What's next, bloodletting and a few leeches to help draw out the darkness?

It gets better.  Here's Ms. Pandithurai - A NURSE - giving her thoughts on the current diagnostic tools used by mental health professionals:
"Homosexuality used to be a diagnosis until recently, but they changed it because of Obama."
The seventh edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders stopped listing homosexuality as a mental disorder in 1974.  Obama was 13.

Oh, and Mr. Pandithurai, do you remember this?
"Trust me, she (Lincy) wants to talk, but we have to check with our lawyer.  This didn't happen the way it's been described."  

I don't mean to lecture the Pandithurai's with this post, but since the Dallas Observer cites an email stating that the Administrative Investigation Board of the VA Medical Center was, "... able to substantiate material portions of the veteran's claims."  Then yes, Mr. Pandithurai, it certainly DID.

You, madam, no longer get to play the victim in this story.  Your malpractice and bold fabrications have finally caught up to you.  You even played your hand at character assassination by lying through your teeth to the media.  It didn't happen the way it's been described?  The hell it didn't.

The "healing services" of your supernatural being will no longer be required in the future of our society.

Good riddance.

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