Sunday, December 4, 2011

VA Nurse Does Not Deserve the Benefit of the Doubt

I sat in my chair this morning, quietly reading the Metro section of the Dallas Morning News (Sunday edition), when suddenly I found myself completely baffled by the feature article.  It was so disgusting, I nearly spit my morning coffee while I read it.

The article told the story of Esther Garatie, an honorably discharged Marine who sought treatment for anxiety, sleeplessness and depression at the Dallas VA hospital.  This poor Marine was very near suicide, and rightfully got herself to the VA to seek treatment of her condition.  Instead, what she got from the VA nurse was outright prejudice.

Luckily, Lincy Pandithurai, the nurse who is accused of this bigotry, is currently under investigation by the VA and has been removed from patient care.  Now, since the Dallas Morning News reporter (Scott Farwell) had to present both sides without bias (hopefully), he did take time to present both sides of the issue.  Of course, Pandithurai's attorney and her husband both deny the accusations, and her husband even claims:

"Trust me, she wants to talk, but we have to check with our lawyer.  This didn't happen the way it's been described."

Well, that makes me feel better, Mr. Pandithurai.  I'm so glad to hear that it didn't happen that way.  PHEW!

All this denial coming from a couple with 1 Chronicles 17:27 etched into a concrete pillar at their home (according to the Dallas Morning News.)  In case you need to look it up, here you go:

"Now you have been pleased to bless the house of your servant, that it may continue forever before you, for it is you, O LORD, who have blessed, and it is blessed forever."

So let me get this straight, Mr Pandithurai.  By your statement (above), you're insinuating that it would be out of character for your wife to have asked Garatie if she has accepted Jesus as her personal savior, right?  You're also insinuating that your wife would never ask a patient at the VA if they were saved?  Somehow, I find this difficult to believe, Mr. Pandithurai.

Also from the article, I understand that there's a raging debate between the religious community and the LGBT community.  Are you flipping kidding me?  This woman is seeking treatment for PTSD, and an opportunistic nurse decides to take advantage of an extremely fragile individual so she can go back to her church to get some baby Jesus clout?  How absurd have you fundamentalists become?

Plus, this reminds me of those ignorant pharmacists who decide to withhold the morning after pill.  This type of behavior - from people who are supposed to help those in need - has gotten completely out of hand.  This new breed of religious healthcare professionals have simply abandoned science, medicine, and for that matter, rational thought, and replaced it with the ancient, barbaric morality of goat herders.

You people have exploitation down to an art form.  In one breath you fawn over the great men and women who put their lives on the line in a foreign country for political gain, and the next you condemn one of these heroes just because you don't like who they fall in love with.

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