Sunday, November 13, 2011

Praying for Pedophiles

Our society has become so easily distracted that we don't even recognize the absolute ignorance that was on display at the Penn State vs. Nebraska football game last Saturday.  As a matter of fact, religious clowns were downright tickled at the pretense of a wide angle view of the two-team huddle at midfield.

It's become obvious to me that most religious people have completely abandoned moral direction in lieu of displays of conformity.  I say that because while they celebrate their solidarity, none of them have stopped to wonder why a supreme being as powerful as their god could allow a child to be victimized.

Several times today I overheard my religious coworkers gushing about the baby Jesus bringing comfort to the victims - because prayer like that makes a difference.  I even heard that, "God has them in his hands."

Why is this not offensive to more people?  I stood aghast.  Now, I usually take pride in my quick wit, but I was so taken aback that the best I could come up with was, "You have to be kidding me."  I know...  I blew a perfect opportunity for an easy comeback.  CRAP!!!

Living in Texas makes scenes like this somewhat commonplace.  Most religious people in the South assume they have a friendly audience that they can exploit.  So, they make a habit of spouting off nonsensical statements and then proceed to pat each other on the back for their unwavering support.  It's such a common event that I've begun to dismiss it out of sheer fatigue.

This, however, should not be allowed to continue.  Mainly because no matter what the crime, god cannot seem to prevent a single one.  Not to mention that it doesn't take a genius to figure out that any god that asks us to pray to it after an atrocity like pedophilia, is a god that cannot be trusted with the safety of our species - much less the safety of our children!  As a matter of fact, we should be weeping that our society has yet to grow past this vacuous faith that justice will be served upon death.

Assuming Sandusky is indeed guilty, we must remember that the victims we are talking about are the very definition of innocent.  And we certainly cannot lost sight of these simple things: that prayer is an empty gesture; that these victims have already been exploited enough; that these children do not deserve to become nothing more than objects of a sick and twisted religious racket.

Thus, I'll end with one question for evangelists...  How many more children must be victimized before people begin to wonder why their supernatural god won't protect those that need it the most?

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