Monday, November 7, 2011

Internet Chew Toys

Sometimes internet chew toys are fun and can help hone my debating skills.  My current sparring partner is Scott Cheatham, a pastor from Colorado.  Our topic?  Hell houses.

I have an entire blog post covering this topic, but if you have time to kill there is another Pastor by the name of Brian Kirk who wrote a very good article discussing this topic from a different perspective than I took.  It seems that both Kirk and I agree that the direction these hell houses are taking is disturbing.  Give his article a few minutes of your time, because it really is good.

Where I get involved is in the comments section.  I have Scott trying to convince me that the exploitation of the deaths of teenagers is perfectly acceptable.  Yep, another pastor quite comfortable in pointing his finger in judgment.

I'm easy to find since he uses Disqus for his comment section.  Just scroll to the bottom and look for my name:  "Christian Haunted Houses: Scaring the "Hell" Out of Teens?"

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