Friday, November 25, 2011

In a Fit of Political Rage, Fundies Forget a Basic Tenet

I applaud the fact that President Obama failed to mention any god in his weekly address.  I still think he fell back to the standard religio-speak by using "blessing" too much, but I'll cut the man some slack... this time.  We atheists have an uphill battle, and at this point I'm willing to accept some baby steps from the current set of politicians.

What bothers me this Friday after Thanksgiving is not the President's speech, it's the backlash from the fundies that he didn't mention god.  Seriously?  The man went through a litany of thanks to people who actually exist, and are currently making a difference in other people's lives.  If there wasn't enough evidence that religious people in this country have completely lost their minds, there's plenty of it in the video's comments.

Plus, even if he had mentioned god, don't you people think he's a Muslim anyway?  Wouldn't that then mean he would've been thanking Allah rather than Yahweh?

Thank you, Mr. President, for taking the time to thank those who should be inspirational to us all, as they struggle every day of the year to help those in need.

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