Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hogs Joe Adams With Rage Comic

Normally I wouldn't post an animated GIF like this on my blog, but I was in the stands that evening to watch the Hogs win over Tennessee 49 - 7.  And I'll admit it, after seeing the GIF, I just couldn't help myself.

Most probably don't know Joe Adams, but if you keep up with the NFL at all, it's likely you will soon.  So I'll set this play up for you: Tennesse had punted the ball and by the time Joe caught it, Tennessee had fairly good punt coverage with plenty of men there to make the tackle.  Or so it seemed...

So Joe starts doing his thing, and while everyone in the stands was screaming at him for running backwards, I told everyone to let the man work.  And if you watch the GIF, you should see why I never fuss at Joe anymore.

It was one of the best punt returns I've seen in a very long time, but to alter it with rage faces nearly made me spit my coffee (look out for Great Scott! as Joe gets free):

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