Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Get Your Feet Into Those Stirrups for Jesus!

It seems that religious fundamentalists (or "fundies" as I like to call them), have made another attempt at moving the goal posts on protecting a life.  If you think I'm talking about healthcare, social programs, charity or the death penalty, you'd be wrong - because most fundies no longer care about a life once a human being has cleared the labia.  The holiest of holies is the end of the line for fundie sponsored protection of human life.  (Some even celebrate ending a life, but that's another topic.)

You see, this time they've gone all the way back to fertilization.

I'm talking about Proposal 26 - also known as the "Personhood" proposal - that was on the Mississippi ballot yesterday.  In it, the state would have considered the moment of conception as the definition of a human being.  Thus, a morula would have been recognized as a person and be granted the rights, protection and privileges of any resident of Mississippi.

Everyone understands what this really is.  The fundies need a legal way to directly challenge Roe v. Wade at the state level, plain and simple.

Anyway, if you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I went a little, "Alec Baldwin" with the number of tweets I had while I waited for the election results.  And yes, I had a little fun with it along the way.

For example, I asked: Under Prop. 26, can a woman be charged with furnishing liquor to a minor if she has a drink before she learns she's pregnant?  Does a zygote get a social security number?  Will a vanishing twin be grounds to handcuff the surviving twin upon birth?  Will the placenta be considered private property under Article V of the Constitution?  And if so, what is just compensation for their 40 week home?  But I digress...

As I sat in my chair, wondering how so many people could actually vote for this nonsense, I watched with overwhelming relief as the results finally came in.  The level headed voters in Mississippi prevailed.  PHEW!

Regretfully, this relief didn't last long.  It seems that this is far from over.  Today I read that the fundies are going to keep trying until it does pass.  Ugh.  These guys are going to give me a coronary.

But then, I thought, maybe there is an answer here...

I wonder, will all the healthy women that voted for Proposition 26 donate their uteruses to free the frozen embryos held against their will in fertility clinics?  What a perfect idea...  This could really gain some momentum in the "personhood" movement.  Put your uterus where your mouth is!  Just think about those poor little lambs, so alone in the cold!  C'mon you women of god, get your feet into those stirrups for Jesus!!!

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