Monday, October 17, 2011

Gaming the Loopholes

Here in North Texas, it's bad enough that we're constantly inundated with religion, but this time it really creeps me out.  At least until another religious nut finds a more creative way to lie for Jesus.

Here we have Ricky Franklin chatting up his ministry on Youtube.  Fine, no big deal.  And normally I wouldn't give this guy a second thought because I've heard his nonsense too many times before.  But this guy is listed here as the 2nd VP/Programs for the Byron Nelson High School Parent Student Association.  Which means he has means to get himself and his group between the teens at BNHS and their parents.  And get this, he's found himself a clever little loophole.  Here's how he does it.

Out of one side of his mouth, he says things like this (from the Youtube video):

"Youth Alive, for especially (sic) our youth ministry, is our evangelism arm.  That's where we pour the majority of our energy and evangelism is into our campuses."

Out of the other side of his mouth, he writes denials to the school district officials like this:

"The Parent Teacher Student Association of BNHS is proud to sponsor the Seven Project," and it was, as he puts it, "... part of our ongoing efforts to bring character education to the students of BNHS."

Again, out of that first, religious side of his mouth, this tweet:

"#SevenRoanoke is this Wednesday! Praying that the hearts of Byron Nelson students will be open to receive the love of Christ."

And from the "Lying for Jesus" side of his mouth:

"There have never been any religious references during the school hours and there won’t be."

What a convenient position this guy has found for himself.  On one hand, he's openly admitting that his intentions are to use the program at his church as an evangelical arm to the schools.  But when the Metroplex Atheists demand an explanation, he falls back to a lie of omission by saying that he's not doing anything wrong because he never mentions the baby Jesus.

Well, give me a freaking break.  Lying for Jesus has found a sinister and foggy new low.  I ask you, Ricky, if a guy pays for hit on his boss, he's still going to jail for murder even if he wasn't the one that pulled the trigger, right?

And just as I was writing this post, I watched something so ridiculous that I had to include it because Ricky just got one-upped by Damon Thompson.  In the video, Damon tells us the story of a woman whose DNA is transformed by the Holy Spirit after a, erm, "... genuine born again experience."  This, of course, exonerates her of the crime she committed because all things are new in Christ.

Now let's not nitpick the science here because yes, there could have been a contaminated sample, etc etc. Instead let's analyze Damon's loophole.  He posits that even if you've committed a crime, of which there is sufficient evidence to convict you, your very DNA will change such that even those silly lab geeks can't link you to the crime scene.  That's right, you have one of these genuine born again experiences, god lets you go free!

Tell me Damon, what is DNA, and what is the name of the woman in this scenario so I can contact her to confirm your story?  I mean, she's obviously been released from prison...

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