Thursday, September 29, 2011

Solid Secular Group in DFW

This is a whiny, bitchy post begging for some direction in finding a solid secular group in the Dallas area.  I'm not just looking for a group to meet every month, mind you.  (I have a motorcycle riding group and dates with my darling wife for that.)  I'm looking to try to make a difference.

You see, I'm genuinely concerned with the direction religious people in North Texas are headed.  I watch the local news and nearly lose my mind.  So, this blog will be my initial attempt at creating an outlet for myself.  Twitter worked for a time, but I found that for people like me, the long winded grammar-nazi types, it became infuriating to try to get my thoughts under 140 characters.

The Rail Bender will ultimately be more than just me whining and complaining.  But, most of my concerns are with the direction of religion, so get used to the topic or move on.

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