Friday, September 30, 2011

Ft Worth Schools and Free Speech

After browsing the TFN Insider (that's the Texas Freedom Network for those who are horrible at abbreviations), my skin began to crawl as I read the Lynch Mob Strategy article.  Some silly immature kid, who probably thinks he's being a gnarly-and-bitchin' Christian, is getting press for being an outright douchebag to his teacher.

Now that this story has started to get some traction, we begin to hear things like, "First Amendment Rights!" and, "Free speech in voicing his opinion of homosexuality."

Well, I say BULLSHIT!

First of all, I do not believe for a second that a 14 year old kid already has the maturity level to take it upon himself to fight the good Christian fight and confront another human being over his sexual orientation.  (And let's be honest, it's likely that this kid hasn't even figured that out for himself.  I'm looking at you, Pastor Ted.)  Second, it's terribly convenient for this kid to cherry-pick a certain portion of that book and fixate on one teacher to push his religious agenda.  I'll come right out and say it:  this sounds more and more like there's something more sinister behind this kid's actions.

Just for giggles, let's review some of the other rules that modern, secularized Christians never seem to want to enforce upon the rest of humanity:
  • Don't listen to a priest?  DEATH
  • Hit your mom or dad?  DEATH
  • Curse your mom or dad?  DEATH
  • Ladies, you say you weren't a virgin on your wedding night?  DEATH
  • Give the neighbor's wife a pickle tickle?  DEATH
Oh, and be careful kid - you're just the right age to get killed by two bears if you call the wrong guy, "Bald head!"  Assuming, of course, that this bald guy has the right connections with the almighty.  I could go on, but I hope you get the idea.

Why fixate on just the homosexuality rule?  Why target this specific teacher (in his classroom no less)?

Something stinks in suburbia...

Look, to allow a kid to, "exercise his free speech" in such a hateful way will in turn allow these insane religious groups an opportunity to open the door to even more atrocity.  Seriously, it's not too far a stretch to think that a faction of this type of mindset could harass anyone and everyone; and they could easily justify it by pulling any number of verses out of that wretched book.

It's the thought of giving these people so much power that scares me to the core.  Because in my mind, the Priests would just love to get back to the good old days, right?

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